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We have a Steam Sterilization facility to treat microbial contaminations in Spices & Herbs. Our unique Steam sterilization process treats products through Saturated Steam and ensures minimal damage to the organoleptic characteristics of the treated products.

Basic scope of supply steam sterilizing plant

  • Sterilizer, complete with support frame, platform and staircase
  • Wet scrubber/ Cleaning in Place unit for sterilizer
  • Fluid bed dryer/cooler
  • Sterile air supply unit for fluid bed dryer/cooler
  • Dust separator for exhaust air from fluid bed dryer/cooler
  • Central control panel (PLC and suitable for data acquisition for HACCP)
  • Instrumentation
  • Spare parts for the first year of operation
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning plus training of operators
  • Pneumatic product feed to sterilizer using sterile air from filter unit
  • Pneumatic product discharge from fluid bed dryer/cooler to packing room using sterile air from filter unit
  • Finisher to turn agglomerates back into a free flowing powder
ETO Sterilization Service in Bhavnagar
TPC Less Than 10,000
E.Coli Negative.
Salmonella Negative.
Coli forms Less Than 50 CFU/gram.
Yeast and Moulds Less Than 100 CFU/gram.
Enterobacteriaceae Less Than 10 CFU/gram.
Bacillus cereus Less Than 100 CFU/gram.
Clostridium Perringers Less Than 10 CFU/gram.
Staphylococcus aureus Less Than 100 CFU/gram

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